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About Tactical Relief




This whole thing started on a napkin in British Columbia Canada. Yeah, there were some badass patriots in Canada that did stuff for us that most people will never know about. We can’t talk about that either.

Anyway, one of those guys is a friend of mine. He gave me a call.

“Hey man, I’ve got this thing I’m working on. Are you in?”

My response of course was, “Count me in. What are we doing?”

His project was one that hit home. His product was something that changed my life. His mission was one that could help millions of people.

That phone call eventually led to the creation of Tactical Relief.

So now a Green Beret and trainer of Law Enforcement was creating, promoting and selling the highest quality and most patriotic CBD in the country. Hell yeah!

But Why!

Some people may think that a Green Beret with nearly 17 years in service would be against a product with a stigma like “CBD.”

Those people would be wrong.

I have experienced firsthand how this stuff really helps people suffering from all sorts of physical and mental issues.

Let me just say this; I went from sitting on a couch in the middle of a small town in Kentucky, beyond drunk, suicide note on the table and a pistol in my mouth, PRAYING for a miracle…

Well, I didn’t pull that trigger. I got my miracle.

And now I want to share this miracle with everyone, but especially my fellow patriots who have served others in their own special ways, those who have served and returned injured, broken, desperate for something to ease their pain. We owe them that solution.

There are over 20 veteran and active duty suicides a day. The fact that there are so many MORE veterans and first responders who are suffering without being treated or reporting they need help means that number will only continue to grow. This is insane.


The bullshit stigma around Hemp products being used by veterans and active military/first-responders is exactly that… BULLSHIT.

So we are once again on a mission. We are on a mission to help those who suffer from PTSD and TBI to find a different choice of treatment. We are giving people an alternative to taking 37 pills for 52 symptoms, and then functioning like emotionless zombies.

We didn’t volunteer for some of the most physically dangerous and psychologically taxing jobs in the world just to become disconnected from our families, friends, and worst of all ourselves.

We volunteered. We stood in the crossfire. We took the damage. And now we need RELIEF.