Covid-19 Survival Guide 10 Ways to combat the Fear of the Unknown.

Covid-19 Survival Guide 10 Ways to combat the Fear of the Unknown.

Written by Adam Smith

In the last few days, we have seen huge market losses and gains, entire countries put on lock down, and major international markets getting hit with a sledgehammer all because of the Novel Corona Virus, or COVID19. Interestingly enough this major impact is also having an impact on hemp sales across the US. With the fear mongering at an all time high, the general public is stocking up on toilet paper, meat, cheese, and disinfectant spray. It’s times like these when so many are reminded that they are mortal and usually very unprepared for these types of pandemics.

Luckily, I’ve spent enough time trying to survive in life that I’ve got a bit of a one up on others with regards to this type of situation. So here are my top 10 pointers for you all to enjoy.

  1. Stop freaking out and buying all the damn toilet paper.
    Look, I completely understand the fear of not being able to wipe after a flu induced trip to the ole porcelain palace. However, there is no need to stock up on hundreds of rolls of TP. It seems like many of you are preparing for a Lynyrd Skynyrd Concert after eating Thai Food, hot wings, and guzzling three pitchers of beer, then taking laxative. Get enough TP to last you about 2-3 weeks. I know for my wife and I; we normally buy a 12 pack and it lasts us about 2 weeks. Worse case scenario if we have to use socks to wipe it’s still a win. I can cover my entire hand, AND they are reusable.
    Hand sanitizer is NOT required. Water, soap, and washing your hands for 20 seconds or longer will wash away potential harmful bugs on your skin. In fact, the FDA and Harvard Medical believe that soap and water will do better than hand sanitizer because it also helps remove any food, fats, or dirt residue on your hands which can all diminish the efficacy of alcohol-based sanitizer.
  1. DRY GOODs ARE GOLD! And Don’t forget coffee.
    It is true that beans not cooked properly can leave you with serious farts, however they are nutrient dense and can be dry stored for a long time. Beans, rice, flour, nuts, dried meats, canned fish like tuna or wild salmon are all great to buy and have in storage for a rainy day. All of these things have an expiration of course so it’s important to rotate as needed. You will find in times like we are facing that having these items stored and ready to use just in case, will avoid having to rush into the stores and fight the insanity of all the panic stricken folks who live unprepared. Oh, and don’t forget coffee. Seriously you can have all those dry goods but without coffee you’re simply not maintaining a standard.
    Self-care is important. If you’re a dirty bird and aren’t living clean, then fix your shit. Take a shower or a bath, clean your mess of a house, and brush your freaking teeth. Being clean is crucial is not spreading the virus as well as about a million other reasons. A clean butt is crucial in general, but especially in any type of survival situation.
    If you are working remotely, trying to check on your family, or just being able to bullshit with buddies, communication is key. Have multiple ways to have those convos. Tik Tok though an option, may not be the most efficient way to send conspiracy theories or political hate mail to your best pals and loved ones. The amount of text messaging apps available are mind blowing. However, if the internet goes down, and we lose cell service then you better be ready to start hand jamming your love notes like we did 20 years ago before every 7-year-old had a smart phone.
    Some will say that many of you are late to the being prepared party. If you didn’t already have a small stockpile of Bourbon, Shit tickets, and ammo then you obviously haven’t been taking preparedness seriously. There is no better time than the present to create a plan. Especially when the present seems to include everyone, and their third cousin required to stay home and stop playing lick the dragon.
    A Plan is important. A PACE plan is even more important. PACE stands for Primary, Alternate, Contingency, Emergency… P.A.C.E. It’s an acronym we use in the military (go figure), when creating an operations plan. Every aspect of the operation has a PACE Plan included. The purpose of PACE is to actively work at having multiple contingencies in place, because as we all know, “no plan survives first contact.” That’s in quotes but I have no idea who first said that.
    You should have a plan for every aspect of your life and business in case of emergencies. Things like; do you have last will and testament, Insurance, health care, transportation, water, food, clothing… You see how this list could grow to near infinity? Yeah, so pick some crucial shit and focus on that.
    Survival is a team sport. If one person hoards all the information, and that person is eaten by the zombies, then all the information is gone. Therefore, having a plan and COMMUNICATING the plan to the rest of the family is crucial. Single points of failure also play a huge role when creating your PACE. Single points of failure are weak spots in your plan, and as such should be remedied as often as they are identified.
    If the country truly shuts down, and banks shut down, and transactions aren’t able to be transmitted through modern technology, then CASH will be king. Also, precious metals. You know who always does it right in the movies? Crime bosses. They always have a suitcase of cash and jewelry stashed away just in case they have to run. You should take note of that. If it’s good enough for Tony Montana, then it’s good enough for me. Seriously though. Have some cash stashed away. Also, if possible, have some smaller pieces of gold and silver put away as well. You may be saying, “but Adam we live check to check, how on earth can we afford to stash away cash?” You have a change jar? There you go, you have begun your process of stashing cash. That change can be converted into larger bills for easier storage, and eventually that can be converted into precious metal.
    Being healthy shouldn’t even have to be said, but apparently, we have an obesity epidemic that is killing more people in the US than this Pandemic has killed so far. Stop eating Twinkies. Do they last forever, and probably be around well after the human race disappears? Very likely the case. HOWEVER, they aren’t healthy, and have an insanely long shelf life because of all the shit in them. Being healthy requires effort. Good wholesome foods, regular fitness routine, and plenty of water. All these things also keep the immune system tuned up, which helps us fight back against things like viral pandemics. It also will help with picking up the opposite sex when the world needs repopulating.
    I am not sure how many people I’ve trained in survival, tactics, and preparedness, however, the same question is asked. “How much training do I need?” Being prepared is a daily game. It looks at all aspects of life. Literally everything discussed in my top 10 survival tips, are how I live my life. Knowing what I want, setting targets, evaluating where I am, taking inventory of assets and liabilities, making sure I stay healthy and fit, communicating all of the above with my wife daily, making sure we are ensured, and doing everything I can to not have a single point of failure. This game is not a last second, crunch time, panic shopping spree at the local Walmart. This is about living each day prepared for the worse case scenario. I am by no means saying to be paranoid. I am saying be prepared and there is a HUGE difference.
    Through preparation comes peace. The knowledge that I am constantly working my mind and body to overcome tough situations. Plans are good because we get everyone on the same page, but as I said above no plan survives first contact. As soon as we take action on our plan, we have changed the variables we initially planned around. So, what is the point of planning? The point of planning is getting the team on the same page, and in a mentality of understanding two principle things. 1. What is the target of the plan. 2. Overcoming inevitable obstacles as a team rather than as individuals. What does this mean as an individual in this game of life?
    Build a team. Build a tribe. Get like minded folks that you can work together with in order to form a plan of action. A group of people willing to play this game of life at a different level than just Surviving. Surviving is weak as it’s the bare minimum of what we as humans need to sustain life. I have no desire to just survive, I want to find success even in the hardest of times.SURVIVAL IS WEAK. WEAKNESS DOESN’T CREATE SUCCESS.